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If you would like to have your child assessed at Miami Children's Hospital, please complete the Global Health Patient Referral Form below.

Please Note: In order to schedule appointments we first need a fully-completed registration form and all related medical records (including any imaging, laboratory, etc.). Once Global Health receives all relevant information, a coordinator will be assigned to your case to confirm your appointment within a 48-72 hour period.  Be advised that routine appointments are generally scheduled for dates  2-4 weeks after your case has been initiated with a coordinator.  If this is an urgent medical request requiring an appointment within two weeks, please contact Global Health directly at 305-662-8281.

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Miami Children’s Hospital Global Health Services needs to share your child’s medical information among all physicians and medical personnel required to determine possible treatment and price estimates. Please print and complete the Consent for Release/Request Form  and send it back to Global Health Services along with a copy of a picture ID (such as a Driver's License or Passport). You may fax it directly to 305-668-5586 or email it to .