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Guidelines for MRI Preparation

How to prepare for an MRI

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Unlike other imaging modalities, there are some people who cannot have an MRI. Persons who have a heart pacemaker or any kind of metallic implant in their body should not have an MRI unless their physician and the radiologist know about it and have approved the exam. For this same reason, the child (and a parent who comes into the room with the patient), will not be allowed to wear anything metallic during the exam, so when preparing for an MRI, it would be best to leave watches, jewelry, or anything else containing metal, at home.

If your child is to be sedated, the MRI Department needs to have the answers, from your doctor, to the following questions about your child:

  1. Does the patient have cardiac (heart) problems?
  2. Does the patient have any type of airway disease (breathing problems)?
  3. Does the patient have a history of apnea-breath stoppage (especially sleep apnea)?
  4. Does the patient have any type of metabolic disease?
  5. Does the patient have a prior history of difficult sedation of anesthesia?
  6. Does the patient have any congenital syndromes?


The Standard Orders for a Patient Undergoing Sedation for Elective Non Emergency Procedures are detailed in the section under Sedation. These must also be followed.