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Miami Children's Hospital Radiology Rolling Out Easy-Access Digital System. The Next Level in Imaging Excellence.

In January, Miami Children’s Hospital’s (MCH) Department of Radiology rolled out a new picture archiving communication system (PACS) that will provide ready access to diagnostic images. Clinicians with appropriate logon credentials will be able to access and view their patient images from a computer via the MCH website.

“Miami Children’s understands that efficient care and treatment help children recover and achieve their highest potential,” said Nolan Altman, MD, Chief of Radiology at Miami Children’s. “As we incorporate PACS--the most advanced storage method for diagnostic images--we’re reinforcing our commitment to providing outstanding care for children in our community.”

PACS streamlines care by providing detailed images that can be accessed via the Internet within minutes. PACS digitally captures and stores a variety of diagnostic images in real time. Storing images in PACS also provides higher image in PACS also provides higher image resolution than previous technology and allows images to be manipulated to inspect areas of concern more closely.

In addition to convenient access to images for physicians, PACS also offers a variety of leading-edge features including: •Enhanced security – physicians must provide a secure user name and password to access PACS images, which ensures patient privacy. •Lasting images – PACS stores all images digitally for lasting quality. This eliminates the risk of films becoming faded or damaged. •Voice recognition – similar to a Dictaphone used for recoding and transcribing notes, this feature reduces error in transcription by recording comments directly into the system. •Widespread results – physicians or other medical professionals can view results from any computer in the hospital. Results can also be sent via a secure Web portal to a referring physician to review in his or her office or home. •Available in hard copy – images captured on PACS can be downloaded to a compact disc and given to a patient or referring physician for review during exams.

“Miami Children’s is dedicated to providing patients and their parents the technology and medical care that delivers the best outcome,” said Kevin Hammeran, MCH Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. “As the advanced features and networking capabilities of PACS are implemented at Miami Children’s, parents can rest assured their children are receiving the highest level of care.”

Founded in 1950, Miami Children's Hospital is the only licensed specialty hospital for children in South Florida. Ranked Miami–Dade County’s “Best Pediatric Hospital” by South Florida Parenting Magazine, Miami Children's Hospital offers medical care and services for children from birth to age 21. The 268-bed medical facility has expertise in all aspects of pediatric medicine.

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