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Prior to Activity

Planning Your Meeting - Step by Step

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6 months
prior to Activity
  1. Complete and Submit a CME Activity Request Form.
  2. Activity Chair and Planning committee members to complete and submit a CME Disclosure Form.
  3. Once above is submitted, go to Step 2.
  1. CME Activity Request Form
  2. CME Disclosure Form - Submit Online
  3. Review Course Director's Responsibilities
Activity Chair and Planners
5 months
prior to Activity
  1. Activity Chair awaits notification of approval of Activity Request. All COIs should be resolved prior to proceeding with the planning process.
  2. Go to Step 3.
Activity Chair/ CME Director/ CME Committee
5 months
prior to activity
  1. Schedule a meeting with CME Staff to discuss steps and checklist/deadlines.
  2. Go to Step 4.
  1. CME Checklist
  2. Orientation to the CME Website, forms, and roles
Activity Chair/ CME Staff
4-5 months
prior to activity

Once all COIs of activity director and planner are resolved, complete and submit a CME Application Form along with the following documents:

  1. Draft agenda
  2. List of confirmed speakers
  3. Proposed Budget
  4. Marketing Materials (when ready) for review
  5. AV Request Form
  6. Proposed Evaluation Forms

Go to Step 5.
  1. CME Application Form - Downloadable in pdf (Save to your PC prior to completing)
  2. Budget worksheet (Ask CME Office for template)
  3. Audiovisual Request Form
  4. Evaluation Forms If activity is an RSS, the activity chair:
    1. Either completes yearly a CME Application Form for the whole event if the sessions have the same theme
    2. or completes yearly a CME Application Form for the event plus an RSS addendum for each session if sessions vary in themes (e.g. Grand Round)
Activity Chair
4-5 months
prior to activity
    The CME Department Designs the Activity Registration Site based on Feedback from the Activity Chair and Planners.   CME Dept
4-5 months
prior to activity
    If Educational Grants or Commercial/ Exhibitor Support, submit signed “Written Agreements”
  1. Policy Governing Commercial Support
  2. Written Agreement for Commercial Support
  3. Exhibitor Agreements  
Activity Chair
4 months
prior to activity
    Speakers letters sent by CME Dept to collect Disclosures and CVs   CME Dept
2 months
prior to activity
    Submit a Revised Preliminary Budget (Optional) Budget worksheet (Ask CME Dept for template) Activity Chair
2 months
prior to activity
    Review of Speakers' Disclosures re. COI and Relevant Financial Relationships. The CME Chair decides on the mechanism for COI resolution. COI Resolution Peer Review form CME Chair Activity Chair