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Planning Your Meeting - Step by Step

Prior to Activity

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Step 1:


a)    Complete and Submit a CME Activity Request Form 

b)    Activity Chair and Planning committee members to complete and submit a CME Disclosure Form


Once above is submitted à go to Step 2

1.    CME Activity Request Form 

2.    CME Disclosure Form - Submit Online

3.    Review Course Director's Responsibilities


Activity Chair and Planners

6 months prior to Activity

Step 2:


Activity Chair awaits notification of approval of Activity request


All COIs should be resolved prior to proceeding with the planning process à Go to Step 3


Activity Chair/ CME Director/ CME Committee

5 months prior to Activity

Step 3:

Schedule a meeting with CME Staff to discuss steps and checklist/ deadlines à Go to Step 4

4.       CME Checklist

5.       Orientation to the CME Website, forms, and roles

Activity Chair/ CME Staff

5 months prior to activity

Step 4:

Once all COIs of activity director and planner are resolved, complete and submit a CME Application Form along with the following documents:

·         Draft agenda

·         List of confirmed speakers

·         Proposed Budget

·         Marketing Materials (when ready) for review

·         AV Request Form

·         Proposed Evaluation Forms


May go to à Step 5

6.    CME Application Form - Downloadable in pdf (Save to your PC prior to completing)

7.    Budget worksheet (Ask CME Office for template)

8.    Audiovisual Request Form

9.    Evaluation Forms
If activity is a RSS, the activity chair:
1. Either completes yearly a CME Application Form for the whole event if the sessions have the same theme
2. or completes yearly a  CME Application Form  for the event plus a RSS addendum for each session if sessions vary in themes (e.g. Grand Round)

Activity Chair

4-5 months prior to activity

Step 5:

The CME Department Designs the Activity Registration Site based on Feedback from the Activity Chair and Planners.


CME Dept

4-5 months prior to activity 

Step 6:


If Educational Grants or Commercial/ Exhibitor Support; submit signed “Written Agreements”

10. Policy Governing Commercial Support

12. Exhibitor Agreements


Activity Chair

4-5 months prior to activity

Step 7:

Speakers letters sent by CME Dept to collect Disclosures and CVs


CME Dept.

4 months prior to activity

Step 8:

Submit a Revised Preliminary Budget (Optional)

13. Budget worksheet
(Ask CME Dept for template)

Activity Chair

2 months prior to activity

Step 9:

Review of Speakers’ Disclosures re. COI and Relevant Financial Relationships. CME Chair decides mechanism for COI resolution

14. COI Resolution Peer Review form

CME Chair

Activity Chair

2 months prior to activity