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Video Center

The Video Center provides you with easy access to all Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital, online video assets.

You will find archives of media footage that has been broadcasted locally, nationally and internationally.

Specialty videos about our Outpatient Care Centers and medical education topics are also featured on this page.


Play Video Informative Video (Hospital History)
Play Video What makes Special
Play Video 2011 Thanksgiving 30 Minute Special
Play Video MCH-Nicklaus History
Play Video Nicklaus Children's Palm Beach Gardens Outpatient Centers
Play Video Special thanks to the Honda Classic and the PGA Tour
Play Video Community Leaders Wish a Happy 60th Anniversary


Play Video VACC Camp Video - Tribute to Dr. Moises Simpser, MD FAAP FCCP


Play Video Free EKG Screening for young athletes

Doc Talk:
Physicians answer common questions related to children's Health

Play Video Dr.Cardenes answers questions about visiting Urgent Care Centers
Play Video Dr. Maria Franco answers questions about Asthma
Play Video Dr. Alisa Muniz Crim answers questions about common stomach problems
Play Video Dr. Parul Jayakar answers questions about genetic testing
Play Video Dr. Chad Perlyn answers questions about pediatric plastic surgery
Play Video  Dr. Swirsky answers questions about sports related injuries
Play Video Dr. Rosa discusses the flu season and how to avoid spreading the virus
Play Video Dr. Comkornroecha answers questions about common eating disorders
Play Video Dr. Burke answers questions about complex heart conditions
Play Video Chad Perlyn, MD, Phd. Pediatric Plastic Surgeon talks about Positional Plagiocephaly / Deformational Plagiocephaly

Learn more about donating to Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital

Play Video 2009 Diamond Ball and Private Concert President Clinton Video
Play Video 2012 Diamond Ball

Hospital Practices:
Learn about hospital practices used to enhance patient safety and business practices

Play Video Secure Mobility with Citrix - Customer Testimonial
Play Video HYGREEN - Innovations in Hand Hygiene
Play Video LEAN business improvement model
Play Video Pediatric Postgraduate "Perspectives in Pediatrics" 2011

Keeping Kids Healthy:
Physicians discuss some of the most common children’s illnesses and injures

Play Video Knee Injury - Keeping Kids Healthy Series
Play Video Positional Plagiocephaly - Keeping Kids Healthy Series
Play Video Ear Aches - Keeping Kids Healthy Series
Play Video Sports Medicine & Related Injuries - Keeping Kids Healthy Series
Play Video Nutrition - Keeping Kids Healthy Series 
Play Video  Free Student EKG Screening - Keeping Kids Healthy Series 
Play Video At what age do allergies develop - Keeping Kids Healthy Series 

Medical Services:
Learn more about some of the subspecialty services offered

Play Video Cancer Center
Play Video Cardiology
Play Video Diabetes & Endocrinology
Play Video Gastroenterology
Play Video Neonatology
Play Video Nephrology
Play Video Neurology
Play Video Orthopedics
Play Video Pulmonology
Play Video Radiology 2007
Play Video Urology

Medical Test & Procedures:
Watch what to expect during some medical tests & procedures

Play Video  Getting a Blood Test
Play Video Getting a cast removed. See how safe and painless it is! 
Play Video  Getting a CAT Scan
Play Video  Getting an EKG
Play Video  Getting an IV
Play Video  Getting an MRI
Play Video  Getting a Spirometry Test
Play Video  Getting a Strep Test
Play Video  Getting an Upper GI
Play Video  Getting a Urine Test
Play Video  Getting an X-ray

ADVISORY: The following video contains a surgical procedure. Please be advised that if you are not comfortable watching medical footage you should not view the video below.

Play Video Jesse Reeves-Garcia, MD - GI procedure (Child Swallowed Hair Barrette)

Patient Success Stories

Play Video Ashley's Scoliosis surgery success story
Play Video Brain Institute Success Story (Matthew's Epilepsy journey)
Play Video Ethan and Nathan Bortnick - Congenital Heart Institute Success Story
Play Video Kelly's Success Story - Cancer Surgery HIPEC
Play Video Patrick's Success Story - Autism - Dan Marino Center



Innovations in Pediatric Healthcare