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Leukemia and Solid Tumor Program

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The pediatric Leukemia and Solid Tumor Program provides care for children with malignancies. With current methods of treatment for leukemia in children, the majority of patients with leukemia and solid tumors reach adulthood. An oncology team today must weigh the long-term impact of treatment methods to ensure the best outcome for each child. The Cancer Center at Miami Children’s Hospital provides highly specialized and sophisticated treatment for pediatric leukemia patients – always with a focus on the best long-term results and minimization of possible late side effects.
Leukemia remains the most common childhood malignancy, with approximately 5,000 new cases of leukemia in children diagnosed annually in the United States. The Cancer Center at Miami Children’s is nationally recognized and has outstanding qualifications to provide the highly sophisticated treatment required by children with solid tumors or leukemia.