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e. GME - Psychology Internship

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     Miami Children's Hospital

Internship in Pediatric Health Psychology

and Clinical Neuropsychology




I.              Introduction

A. Training Philosophy

II.            Description of the Hospital

A.    Training Resources

III.           Overall Description of the Psychology Program

A.    Interdisciplinary Function

B.    Cultural Function

C.    Administrative and Teaching Faculty

IV.           Clinical Psychology Internship Training Program

A.    Eligibility

B.    Funding and Benefits

C.    Internship Duration

D.    Application Procedure

                                          i.    Application Materials

                                         ii.    Mailing Address

                                        iii.    E-Mail Contact

E.    Intern Selection Timeline

V.            Overview of Training

A.    Program Description

B.    Goals and Objectives

C.    Core Training Components

D.    Specialized Training Tracks

                                          i.    Pediatric Health Track

                                        ii.    Neuropsychology Track

E.    Elective Multidisciplinary Training Experiences

F.    Training Seminars

                                          i.    Yearlong Assessment/Intervention Seminars

                                         ii.    Yearlong Topic Specific Assessment/Intervention Seminar

                                        iii.    Professional Development Seminar

G.    Supervision