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Family Advisory Council

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I got involved with the Family Advisory Council when my daughter was in the hospital in January of 2006.  At that time I was having some issues with the food (my daughter was 16 and being given steroids which made her extremely hungry).  The meals to pick from where macaroni and cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches which was not desired by her or enough food for a teen.  A patient family representative was making their rounds and I took the opportunity of letting them know of my issue.  They immediately resolved the problem.  A day later they asked me if I would like to come to their meeting and see if I would like to be part of the FAC council.  It only took one meeting and I knew this council was for me, I saw the dedication that the council members had.  After additional months of attending their meetings, I became even more impressed how the council would work together to tackle a problem and find a solution to fix it.  This council has made a great difference in ensuring that the children and their families receive comprehensive care and are treated with sensitivity and compassion.   I'm very happy and grateful to be part of the FAC.


Vivian McCombie (parent & member of FAC)



I joined the FAC because of the experiences with our son and the need for the parent + child experience at Nicklaus Children's Hospital to be smooth, professional, caring and comfy for everyone, always.  We're back again for more hospitalization - and so I'm very glad our FAC has made the effort to make Nicklaus Children's Hospital the best it can be.  We do make a difference!


The FAC is a group of mommies and daddies and even just-grown-up patients that look for things that could be better at Nicklaus Children's Hospital.  We noticed dirty elevators and parking garages and got them cleaned.  We felt patient and their families should be treated as a package and talked with and included in the decision process and Nicklaus Children's Hospital is working toward that goal at all levels.


Debbie Zimmerman