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For many years, parents of children with craniofacial anomalies, such as cleft palate or Apert syndrome, have come to Miami Children's Hospital (MCH) for care at one of the nation's top craniofacial program. Now, with the creation of the Children's Craniofacial Association (CCFA) at Miami Children's Hospital Foundation (MCHF), parents have also found the support they need as well as a tool to increase awareness of the condition.

Miami Children's Hospital Craniofacial Association nation's top craniofacial program- Image of Oliver Louis SternFollowing their experience with their son Oliver Louis Stern, who was born with a unilateral lip and cleft palate, Mr. Lyle Stern, Co-Founder and President of CCFA, and Beth Bloom, Co-Founder of CCFA, joined efforts with Dr. Mislen Bauer, Clinical Director of Miami Children's Craniofacial Center, and other parents of children with craniofacial anomalies. In 2002 their efforts resulted in the formation of the CCFA to provide family support, information about craniofacial issues, community education and to raise funds to continuously foster medical innovation to advance patient care and for genetic research through the Miami Children's Hospital Foundation.

For more information or to become involved in the CCFA, please call Miami Children's Hospital Foundation at (305) 666-2889.

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