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October 2, 2013
Dear NCH Friend,
Miguel “Mike” B. Fernandez, a Nicklaus Children's Health System board member and community philanthropist, is walking more than 500 miles in support of our hospital and its programs. The trek is a humbling and challenging one. If you ask why he is doing this, it’s all about the kids.
If you are so fortunate as to have healthy kids, you can be secure in the knowledge that world-class care is right here in your backyard. In the event you have had the challenge of caring for a child with a serious illness, then most likely NCH has been a part of your journey. In the case of Mike, his own granddaughter received care here for congenital heart disease. This wonderful little girl is doing well today. Mike’s commitment is all about furthering the work of our great hospital to make a better world for all children.
Amazingly enough, if you look at the website created to raise funds for this walk you will find videos made by folks who support this great endeavor, though they do not live here in South Florida. That’s a true testament to Mike and his role in the community. Please visit the Facebook page or the Instagram page or ask your kids to take you there. They will figure it out fast. Tell them to look up WALKING FOR THE CHILDREN and Mike Fernandez.
If we can support Mike and ask all our friends and grateful patients to do the same, we can raise three, four or even ten times our original goal of $1 million. Mike told me that figure was only a start! His friends and family have jumped in with both feet. We hope you can do the same.
Please become an active participant and help us reach our goal. There is no such thing as too small an amount because in the end it all adds up for the children.
God bless you all and best wishes,
Narendra Kini, “Chief Cheerleader”
President and CEO
Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital