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Miami children's hospital Cancer CenterThe Cancer Center team includes a dedicated clinical pharmacist from the MCH Pharmacy Department, who is assigned exclusively to support patients from the Cancer Center.
The pharmacist provides patient care recommendations on pharmacotherapy, and assesses drug interactions, drug dosages and drug effects. He accompanies the Cancer Center team on daily rounds and provides counseling to families of patients regarding medication use and administration and also helps with the transition to home care, ensuring that each patient has appropriate medications when leaving the hospital.
He is just a phone call away for patients once they are home, providing ongoing support with medications as needed. The provision of a clinical pharmacist to serve the Cancer Center offers a continuum of care for patients, ensuring that a specialist familiar with each child’s unique needs and physiological response is available throughout the course of treatment.
Also, the hospital’s Outpatient Pharmacy supports the center by stocking the very specialized drugs required for care of cancer patients. The Cancer Center also coordinated the selective use and storage of National Cancer Institute research drugs.