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Nicklaus Children's Physicians Listed Among ‘America’s Top Doctors’

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Fifty Nicklaus Children's physicians have been identified by U.S.News & World Report as being among “America’s Top Doctors.” What’s more, three of the Nicklaus Children's subspecialists were further highlighted as being among the top 1 percent of physicians in their subspecialty nationwide. According to the website, the goal of the U.S.News Top Doctors is to help guide consumers to leading specialists. The Top Doctors differs from U.S.News hospital rankings, as key physicians are not specifically ranked in sequence. However, those who are deemed to be in the top 1 percent of their specialty were highlighted within the listing.
To identify Top Doctors, U.S. News teamed up with Castle Connolly, a New York City-based research and information company dedicated to identifying top healthcare resources. Physicians are selected for Top Doctors based on nominations by peers and review by Castle Connolly’s physician-directed research team.

Those highlighted below in bold were deemed to be in the top 1 percent of their subspecialty,
Dr. Donald Altman, Pediatric Radiology (emeritus)
Dr. Mislen Bauer, Clinical Geneticist
Dr. Morris Beck, Allergist/Immunologist (emeritus)
Dr. Sanjiv Bhatia, Neurosurgeon
Dr. Arthur Bregman, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Dr. Redmond Burke, Cardiovascular Surgeon
Dr. Hernan Carrion, Urologist (emeritus)
Dr. Anselmo Cepero-Akselrad, Pediatric Nephrologist
Dr. Gaston DeCardenas, ENT/Otolaryngologist
Dr. Ana Durate, Dermatologist
Dr. John Fort, Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist
Dr. Mark Ginsburg, Pediatrician
Dr. Norman Goldberg, Pediatrician
Dr. Rafael Gosalbez, Urologist
Dr. Deise Granado-Villar, Preventive Medicine Specialist
Dr. John Grossman, Hand Surgeon
Dr. Ian Jeffries, Neonatologist
Dr. Linda Keller, Pediatrician
Dr. Wesley King, Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr. Andrew Labbie, Urologist
Dr. Guillermo Llosa, Pediatrician
Dr. Oscar Loret de Mola, Pediatric Gastroenterologist
Dr. Esther Marin-Casariego, Pediatrician
Dr. Felipe Martinez, ENT/Otolaryngologist
Dr. William Muinos, Pediatric Gastroenterologist
Dr. Michel Nahmad, Pediatric Surgeon
Dr. Phillip Newcomm, Pediatrician
Dr. Oscar Papazian, Pediatric Neurologist
Dr. Rafael Portela, ENT/Otolaryngologist
Dr. John Ragheb, Pediatric Neurosurgeon
Dr. Felix Ramirez-Seijas, Pediatric Nephrologist
Dr. Otto Ramos, Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist
Dr. Andre Raszynski, Pediatric Critical Care Physician
Dr. Jesse Reeves-Garcia, Pediatric Gastroenterologist
Dr. Trevor Resnick, Pediatric Neurologist
Dr. Rafael Rivas-Chacon, Pediatric Rheumatologist
Dr. Antonio Rodriguez, Pediatric Pulmonologist
Dr. Efren Salinero, Pediatrician
Dr. Nina Sanchez, Pediatrician
Dr. David Sandberg, Pediatric Neurosurgeon
Dr. Steven Siegel, Pediatrician
Dr. Harvey Simovitch, Pediatrician
Dr. Moises Simpser, Pediatric Pulmonologist
Dr. Lorena Siqueira, Adolescent Medicine Specialist
Dr. Jeffrey Sussmane, Pediatric Critical Care Specialist
Dr. Roberto Tuchman, Pediatric Neurologist
Dr. Roberto Warman, Pediatric Ophthalmologist
Dr. Anthony S. Wolfe, Plastic Surgeon
Dr. Mark Young, Pediatric Allergist/Immunologist
Dr. Evan, Pediatric Cardiologist