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Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital, is blessed with many outstanding volunteers. Here you can meet a few of our dedicated Hospitality Cart volunteers.
Marilyn Cale

The Community and Volunteer Resource Department (CVR) currently has 31 Hospitality Cart Volunteers, plus staff members from the Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital, Foundation who also volunteer their time. They provide complimentary food and beverage services to patient’s families five days a week. Goodies that they distribute include coffee, tea, hot chocolate, pastries and bananas. Parents and family members seem to appreciate the smiling faces of the volunteers and staff members and enjoy a nice cup of coffee without having to leave their rooms. Marilyn Cale has been a hospitality cart volunteer for almost two years. “Sometimes, parents have not been able to leave their sick child to get something to eat or drink,” she said. “ They always light up when we arrive. They call us angels.” The CRV department feels fortunate to have this group of friendly, social, and compassionate volunteers as part of the hospital’s volunteer program.

Stephanie Gonzalez

Stephanie Gonzalez has been a volunteering at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital, since 2008 in order to fulfill her high school requirements. She currently volunteers in the Pediatric Care Center, and has also volunteered in the Radiology Department and has been involved with the Hospitality Cart. “I love the hospital environment and feel as if I am always needed,” she said. Stephanie is very determined, energetic and focused. She attends St. Brendan High School and is looking forward to a career in business and music.
The Pediatric Care Center has five summer volunteers. Stephanie assists with tasks such as answering the telephone, pulling medical records, data inputting, making copies, and assisting the nurses with other duties, as needed. “The volunteers are amazing. They have helped us get organized, and given the nurses an opportunity to catch up on accumulated paper work,” said Leslie Gutierrez, Administrative Assistant.
Volunteering has been a great educational experience for Stephanie, and she enjoys working and interacting with the nursing staff. She plans on continuing volunteering at NCH until she graduates, which is a great plus for the hospital!

Samantha Lee Albo
This summer we have been very fortunate in having Samantha Lee Albo participating in our Teen Volunteer Program.

Samantha attends Coral Gables High School, where she is active in the FBLA, Creative Writing Club, Science and National Honor Societies. She loves history and science, and also tutors in science. Her goal, upon graduation, is to attend the University of Miami and study medicine. When not busy with school, Samantha spends time with her family, and enjoys reading and watching television.

It has always been Samantha's dream to volunteer at Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital. This past summer she worked at the 2 East nursing station and helped with the Hospitality Cart. Samantha finds the staff very kind and informative, and has enjoyed her time helping the nurses. Parents are always grateful to see the Hospitality Cart, and Samantha realizes the importance of this service.

Samantha is very enthusiastic and cheerful, and always has a positive attitude. She has been a great help this summer, and we look forward to having her in our volunteer program during the school year.

Aleydis Rodriguez
Teen volunteer Aleydis Rodriguez has been in our volunteer program since June 2005. She has experience in working on the Hospitality Cart, Art Cart, and Information Desk. Aleydis attends Coral Gables Senior High School, where her favorite subjects are English and math. After graduation, Aleydis wants to study business management at Florida International University. Her dream is to own and operate her own school of dance.

Aleydis is interested in all phases of dance, particularly jazz and flamenco, and is actively involved in studying at
the Dance Academy. Volunteering gives Aleydis a great deal of satisfaction. It enables her to enjoy interaction with patients, families, and her co-workers. Aleydis feels her volunteering makes a difference in a child’s life, and
brightens up their day.

Favorite past times for Aleydis include going to the movies, traveling, hanging out with her friends, and devoting her time to NCH and our teen volunteer program.

Carmen Aguilera
Our Monday morning Hospitality Cart volunteer Carmen Aguilera is also an employee. Carmen has worked for Nicklaus Children's Hospital, formerly Miami Children's Hospital, for five years, and has been a volunteer for nearly one year. We came to know Carmen when she came in to the office to ask what she could do to help, and give something back to the community. We had an opening on the Hospitality Cart and Carmen joined the Monday team.

Carmen was born in the Dominican Republic and has lived in Florida for the past 13 years. She is very family oriented and is happily raising her three children. One of her daughters is attending college to become a lawyer.
Carmen's philosophy is that a person should never be too busy to help. She receives much satisfaction when parents say how much they enjoy the service the Hospitality Cart provides. Families are very appreciative of the friendly volunteer team, and Carmen feels she and her teammates are doing something valuable....which is exactly the way we feel in the Community and Volunteer Resource Department.

Michael Paula
Teen volunteer Michael Paula began volunteering this past summer. Michael enjoyed his summer volunteering so much, that he has continued through this school year. Presently, Michael comes in every Monday night and works with our Hospitality Cart, which brings beverages and pastries to parents in our patient care areas.
Michael attends Belen Jesuit Prep, where his favorite subjects are Science and History. He is also an active Key Club member. When not in school, or volunteering, Michael likes all sports, especially swimming, and enjoys playing video games. He also loves spending time with his family at Disney World and Animal Kingdom.
The positive feedback Michael gets from the parents he sees, while doing the Hospitality Cart, makes the time he spends here very worthwhile. He likes the interaction with our staff and his peers, and values his volunteer work. Michael always has a ready smile, a sense of humor, and likes new experiences. We feel Michael is an excellent, upbeat role model, and we applaud his hard work and overall friendliness. We know his mom, Eydie
Paula/E.D. Physician’s Office, is proud of him too!